Releasing the full potential of API’s

When topical dosage form is considered most optimal, our PAD Technology™ formulation and drug delivery system offer several unique advantages in the development of potent innovative new topical therapies for immune-mediated and inflammatory conditions, including stability, tolerability, delivery of drugs to target tissue and convenience of use in daily routines.

Patients with chronic inflammatory diseases such as psoriasis or atopic dermatitis using topical therapy have been reported to miss up to 70% of planned applications, mainly due to a lack of satisfaction with their therapy. Patients generally prefer light, moisturizing, non-greasy and quickly absorbed vehicles that are simple to use on all body parts. This is why we have developed PAD Technology™.

PAD Technology™ is used as the foundation of Wynzora® Cream for treatment of plaque psoriasis in adults and the biotech-derived non-Rx skin care line biomee.

PAD Technology™ characteristics

PAD™ formulations are special made oil-in-water dispersions in which the internal oil phase is stabilized by encapsulation in a multimolecular robust shell structure consisting of emulsifiers, water and oil. Each PAD™ droplet maintains its own physical-chemical stability without the need of excessive presence of emulsifiers in the external water phase and can be made with several fold and up to 30-fold less emulsifiers compared to conventional emulsions with comparable oil content. The low level of emulsifier helps limit the risk of skin irritation that may otherwise be provoked by high levels of emulsifier causing extraction of lipids and damage to the epidermal barrier function.

The PAD™ droplet shell structure protects potentially unstable active molecules solubilized in the oil from degradation upon contact with water.

The robustness of the oil droplets further results in an expanded formulation space allowing use of a great variety of ingredients in concentrations dictated by the application rather than the technology. This enables development of formulations in topical dosage forms of choice that effectively deliver drugs to the target tissue and maintains a healthy skin barrier function. PAD Technology™ thereby avoids the use of ingredients that can cause application site reactions such as propylene glycol. This makes PAD™ formulations highly tolerable even on sensitive skin.

In summary PAD Technology™ addresses the following four key areas for topical formulations:

  • Chemical stability: Protects molecules from water
  • Physical stability: Reduced risk of droplet collapse enables a broader formulation space for stability and solubility using non-irritating ingredients
  • Tolerability: Several fold less emulsifiers compared to conventional creams and lotions
  • Delivery – efficacy: Fully solubilized active ingredients in a thermodynamic form that leads to optimal delivery of actives to target tissue

For more information, please see this publication on PAD Technology.