Building leadership in topical therapies for Immunology and Inflammation (I&I)

MC2 Therapeutics is a commercial stage pharmaceutical company committed to redefine the topical treatment experience and address unmet needs for people with autoimmune and chronic inflammatory conditions.

Our  approach starts with our unique formulation and drug delivery system – PAD Technology™ that is addressing unmet needs in topical formulation systems. We combine this technology and formulation know-how with years of research in the root causes of various autoimmune and inflammatory skin conditions and develop innovative first-in-indication or best-in-class topical therapies tailored for fast and tolerable relief of symptoms in formulations that patients prefer to use in daily routines. Our groundbreaking research in urea derived skin conditions is an example hereof providing novel treatment paradigms in indications with major unmet needs for large patient populations.

PAD Technology™ redefines topical therapies and allows oil-in-water formulations that go beyond technical limitations of conventional topical formulations. It is a powerful tool to release the full potential of active ingredients in clinical and real-world settings for those in need. PAD Technology™ enables next generation topical therapies addressing all the three essentials in a single product: 

Fast onset and high efficacy: PAD Technology™ enables optimization of key formulation parameters relevant to the delivery of active ingredients into the target tissue, thereby releasing the full potential effect fast.

Tolerability: PAD Technology™ enables an expanded formulation space thereby avoiding use of allergenic ingredients such as propylene glycol and minimizes use of emulsifiers/surfactants, which can lead to extraction and damage of epidermal lipids (wash-out) and disruption of the skin barrier structure and function. This sets the foundation of topical therapies with favourable safety and tolerability profiles.

Adherence: Real world efficacy is directly dependent on patient adhering to therapy. Patient adherence may be the largest barrier to treatment success. In order to incorporate adherence into the daily routine of using topical treatment options, they must be easy to apply and quickly absorb into the skin (non-staining and non-sticky) within a few minutes, so it is practical and pleasant to use.

Using PAD Technology™ as the cornerstone in our formulations, we remain committed to research root causes of poorly understood diseases and to develop innovative new drugs, including for indications where there are no approved treatments such as CKD-ap stage 3-4 (uremic pruritus), lichen sclerosus and Sjogren dry eye.

Taking a holistic approach to patients’ needs we have also developed a novel PAD based cosmetic skin care line called biomee™, focusing on dry, itchy and sensitive skin.

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We are dedicated to respond beyond expectations by redefining topical therapies and patient treatment experience within immunology and inflammation.

Read all about our platform, pipeline and purpose in our corporate presentation.