Converting skin biology to novel treatment paradigms for immune-mediated conditions

MC2 Therapeutics is a commercial stage biotech company focused on developing novel treatment paradigms within immune-mediated and inflammatory conditions initially focusing on manifestations in the skin.

Our innovative approach is anchored in deep understanding of skin biology – knowledge that can also be leveraged to inform approaches in other types of immune-mediated and inflammatory diseases outside of this area. Fuelled by an entrepreneurial mindset and creativity, MC2 Therapeutics aims to set new standards in treatment satisfaction for people with immune-mediated and inflammatory conditions.

Our urea associated skin diseases illustrate this biology-focused approach, leading to the clinical development of drug candidates in our pipeline for Chronic Kidney Disease associated Pruritus and Vulvar Lichen Sclerosus. In addition, our oral drug candidate for Hidradenitis Suppurativa (“HS”) is an example of targeting a complex disease with a molecule with a new mode of action relevant for HS.

MC2’s first product, Wynzora® cream, is marketed in the US and EU for plaque psoriasis in adults and is partnered for development and commercialization in Greater China. Wynzora® was developed to ensure optimal efficacy using MC2’s proprietary formulation and drug delivery system PAD Technology™, which redefines topicals through optimal delivery of actives to the target tissue while being very pleasant to use on the skin in daily routines.

We work with a high-performance networked team of experts at MC2 Therapeutics, allowing us to identify the optimal strategic pathways to broaden our business and build momentum as we grow into a fully integrated pharmaceutical company.

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We are committed to convert research in skin biology into novel treatment paradigms for immune-mediated diseases and to redefine the treatment experience for patients.

Read more about our platform, pipeline and purpose in our corporate presentation.