Clinical trial

MC2-21 PAD™ Cream – Dry and itchy skin

About Dry and Itchy skin
Dry and itchy skin is one of the most common dermatological complaints of patients, in particular in the elderly and patients suffering from atopic dermatitis, contact eczema, uremic pruritus and some gene deficiencies. Causes of dry and itchy skin are multiple. Maintaining or restoring a health skin barrier is an important factor in treating dry and itchy skin.

Aim of MC2-21
Using PAD™ Technology and related know-how and based on a novel approach we have uniquely developed a non-steroidal cream designed to (i) be highly tolerable to fissured and cracked skin; (ii) deliver certain excipients into the skin; and (iii) providing a moisturizing yet non-greasy barrier on top of the skin. Our aim is to develop the MC2-21 Cream into a new non-steroidal topical cream (medical device) for treatment of a specific subset of patients suffering from dry and itchy skin including a large portion of patients with atopic dermatitis. We are using a novel and patented approach – yet undisclosed.

MC2-21 Cream is non-stinging, moisturizing, convenient-to-use and it quickly absorbs into the skin allowing patients to move on in daily routines. A solution intended to significantly improve daily quality of life of patients and provide a cost effective treatment.

Clinical Stage
Pre-clinical – in preparation for clinical trials in 2017