Clinical trial

MC2-16 PAD™ Cream – Psoriasis

About Psoriasis
Psoriasis is an immune-mediated, inflammatory condition of the skin affecting nearly 3 % of the world’s population. As a chronic disease psoriasis has a substantial effect on the quality of life of patients. More than 80% of patients have mild to moderate psoriasis, for which topical therapies are first line of treatment. Patients with severe psoriasis are eligible for systemic therapies (orals and biologics). Topical therapies based of potent steroids may only be used daily in 2-8 weeks due to risk of skin atrophy (ski thinning). Non-steroidal therapies can be used for long-term maintenance.

Aim of MC2-16
Calcipotriene is a best-in-class non-steroidal topical therapy for long-term treatment of mild to moderate psoriasis. However, the current marketed most efficacious formulations are greasy liquid oils/ointments that patients do not like to use, resulting in non-compliance and poor real-life efficacy.

Using PAD™ Technology and related know-how we have uniquely developed a cream formulation of calcipotriene MC2-16 Cream designed to deliver significantly more calcipotriene into the skin compared to current ointment formulations. Our aim is to develop the MC2-16 Cream into a new non-steroidal drug (NDA/MAA) with a best-in-class real-life efficacy and safety profile. MC2-16 Cream is moisturizing, convenient-to-use and it quickly absorbs into the skin allowing patients to move on in daily routines. A solution intended to significantly improve daily quality of life of patients and provide a cost effective treatment.

Clinical Stage
Pre-clinical – in preparation for Phase II in 2017