Clinical trial

MC2-03 PAD™ Eye Drop – Dry eyes

About Dry Eye
Dry eye is one of the most prevalent ocular diseases. It is often chronic and can be progressive with a prevalence of up to 30%. Dry eye is a multifactorial disease that results in symptoms of discomfort such as eye dryness, overall eye discomfort, stinging, burning, a gritty feeling or fluctuating blurry vision. Dry eye is more common in women than in men and has been found to be significantly associated with aging.

Aim of MC2-03
Ciclosporine is widely used as an efficacious topical therapy for moderate to severe dry eye. However, current marketed formulations cause stinging and burning in the eyes of patients resulting in non-compliance and poor real-life efficacy.

Using PAD™ Technology and related know-how we have developed a new ciclosporine eye drop that is designed to uniquely improve delivery of cyclosporine into the eyes using a vehicle/eye drop that is highly tolerable. Our aim is to develop the MC2-03 eye drop into a low concentration, once daily new drug (NDA/MAA) with best-in-class efficacy and tolerability profile for treatment of severe dry eye disease. A solution intended to significantly improve daily quality of life of patients and provide a cost effective treatment.

Clinical Stage
Large pivotal phase II trial ongoing in Europe.